Consciousness in action


Again I've got the same question: Why would I be giving all these recipe's away for free?
And again guys: It's so not about the recipe's.

It's about love for food, love for bodies, some inspiration and before anything else learning to listen to your own body wisdom speaking.
What does your own sweet body tells you about it's needs?

Can you hear it loud and clear or do you just like most of us these days have a hard time to tune in?

Do you still think listening to all kinds of experts telling you what and how to eat is seriously going to get you closer to yourself?
Closer to a healthy & happy body?
Or are you, just like me, so done with that?

For me it's about transforming all kinds of lies and judgments we've learned to believe about food and about our own bodies. And I've found there is a whole new world of possibilities ready to open in front of us if we are just ready and willing to explore it.
That is the stuff I love. And that is what you are getting at my classes.
Complex theories? - nope. Rules? - forget it.

Now, are you with me?
There's a whole lot more coming!

Yeey! to our bodies
Yeey! to beautiful, delicious, wholesome food.

And the recipe's are just a little extra something :)